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Virtual Incubation Program

We help empower Entrepreneurs and connect them with Mentors, Business Incubators and Service Providers.

We provide an ecosystem for the entrepreneurs in Sudbury and Northern Ontario to help you connect with public and private service providers and industry leaders from all over Canada.

Connect with the valuable network, like-minded people.

Access a series of workshops, acquire market intelligence, get honest and valuable feedback for your business project and get formal and informal learning opportunities. Workshops include, and are not limited to - tax rebates, how to apply for startup grants, government wage subsidies, creating a thriving organizational culture, hiring the right talent.

Develop your virtual meeting into sustainable business relationships.

Through Tech-AdaptiKa's avatar-based platform, you will be able to interact, talk and work with other participants, have private meetings as you do in person, all on a private and fully customizable online platform. These interactions will help you develop great connections and strong business relationships.

One-stop online incubation program to turn your dream project into a viable business.

Why Virtual Business Incubation Program?

Support from personal mentor, public or private service provider as you build your business from the ground-up

Network connectivity to a community of like-minded and diverse entrepreneurs and service providers to share your experience and business ideas

Guidance to bring your business ideas into fruition from start to launch

Gain insights and resources to target the correct audience

Access to high quality resources, workshops and information sessions all at one place

A flexible weekly online program

Access market intelligence and build solutions

Get honest business feedback from the experts

Absolutely complementary to support you launch your business and develop a sustainable solution

Let’s start an awesome journey!

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