Voilà Learning is a Ed-Tech organization mandated by multiple school boards to create designed solutions for students using Virtual Reality, apps, gamification around language learning. Today, our organization is proud to use a human-centred design approach to answer the need of thousands of teachers, students and parents.

Our common goals is to reinvent language learning using Technology.

  • encourage students to do better by playing and learning,
  • help parents meet the needs of their children,
  • and help school boards offer after-school programs on site and online.

247,980 students have access to the Virtual Immersion Campus. Is your child one of them?


“Shoot for the stars, but remember that even rocket-ships have windows.”

– Hosni (Voilà online moderator)

Voilà Learning offers flexible payment options, including payment by instalment.

Contact us for further details.

Online Private Tutoring


  • $43/h
  • Personalized support 
  • Communication with school teacher
  • French resources included
  • Academic Advising fee $129/year
  • Online Tutoring at $43/h

Unlimited Access

to Online Teachers


      • Only available when your school board registers. 
      • Live experienced teacher online 
      • Teaching through our gamified campus
      • Mon to Thursday from 5pm to 8pm
      • Conversation, reading, and math

French Classes



        • From $20/h
        • Where: St-Paul Elementary School
        • 80 Sackville street, in Toronto
        • Minimum of 5 sessions per student 
        • Fun French activities 
        • Homework completion
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Please note that when you provide tutoring for your child, you help other children through Voilà Community Help. To maintain and develop our free community programs in Haiti, Somalia and Ghana, it is important that our organization not depend entirely on governmental grants. Families with the means to do so can make use of our strong at home one-on-one French academic support service.


For specific Voilà Learning packages, the following fees are applicable:

  • Registration: $89