Launching October 1, 2021

Online Homework Help

Voila Learning is an Ed-Tech organization mandated by numerous school boards across Canada. We provide student focused solutions using virtual reality, interactive games and online tutors, to engage students in their own learning journey.

Parents & Students

The Online Homework Help program is free for parents with kids in school boards that have registered. Please reach out directly to your school board as your child cannot benefit from it if your school board hasn’t registered. 


What to do if your school board has not registered YET? 

Contact your school trustee and express your interest.


School Boards

Offer your students the extra support of live tutors with our Online Homework Help program. 

Please contact our team for details and pricing.


Tutoring Topics

Our online virtual reality tutors will help students in:


Online Private Tutoring

Your child will benefit from their own personal academic advisor. Voilà Learning’s academic advisors are all qualified teachers who:
  • Communicate and work directly with your child’s school teacher to monitor the student’s progress
  • Administer mid and end of year evaluations
  • Create the Voilà Learning Tutoring Guide based on results of the evaluation
  • Are a permanent part of the student’s ongoing education
  • Guide and advise parents as necessary through the educational system (eg. IPRC, IEP, ALF, transitions, school choices etc.)

Tutoring Service

Military Families

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