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The period of back-to-school madness has passed, and now the real work begins: homework, projects and other time-consuming school obligations. For students learning French, it is crucial that they have the tools and support they need to succeed in a second language learning environment. Parents are not always in a position to help their children with their French school work, whether because of time constraints or a lack of knowledge in the subject area.

The educational resources cited below are designed to make learning French fun while helping your child with his or her homework or projects. In most cases, the sites below offer free services or games, although some of the pedagogical resources do come at a small cost. Resources that require a fee are shown in italics. We recommend you visit these sites beforehand to determine what resources would best suit the educational level of your child. Afterwards, both you and your child can explore the sites together. This experience will help your child develop his or her confidence online, while also improving French skills in creative, fun ways.

All of the sites in this guide are accessible as of September 18th, 2015

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Back to School Resources