Summer program : French 4 Tots


Recent studies have shown that students lose language skills over the summer months and that students who participate in summer programs achieve improvement equivalent to nearly half a grade level in vocabulary, comprehension and reading skills. Our summer program is designed to help your child maintain and improve French skills in preparation for September, through activities, drama and games like Jeopardy with fun, experienced tutors!

In the meantime … somewhere in Africa,

Please note that when you provide tutoring for your child, you help other children through Voilà Community Help. To maintain and develop our free community programs in Haiti, Somalia and Ghana, it is important that our organization not depend entirely on governmental grants. Families with the means to do so can make use of our strong at home one-on-one French academic support service.

  • Meet with your tutor at home or at work
  • Understand the basics of French education
  • Help your child with his or her French homework