Private Online Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring service
Personalized support
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Private Online Tutoring

Ongoing Academic Advising

Your child will benefit from their own personal academic advisor. Voilà Learning’s academic advisors are all qualified teachers who:

  • Communicate and work directly with your child’s school teacher to monitor the student’s progress
  • Administer mid and end of year evaluations
  • Create the Voilà Learning Tutoring Guide based on results of the evaluation, including resources in reading, writing, and math
  • Are a permanent part of the student’s ongoing education
  • Guide and advise parents as necessary through the educational system (eg. IPRC, IEP, ALF, transitions, school choices etc.)
One-on-One Tutoring from Your Home

Individualized Programming

For each student, we establish an Individualized Tutoring Plan including:


  • Selection of a tutor that complements your child’s needs and personality.
  • Sessions are structured around your child’s academic needs as well as your personal schedule.
  • A balance between subject tutoring and the development of strong study skills
  • Tutoring from your home enabling students to create a positive work environment.



Personalized support 

Communication with school teacher

Tutor matched to the subject need of the student

experienced teacher online 

Teaching through our gamified campus


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