One-on-One Home Tutoring

We encourage whenever possible that sessions take place at your home in your child’s customary workspace. Working this way every week with a tutor serves a variety of academic purposes.


Students learn to:

  • Use their work space in a focused, productive way
  • Develop good habits in their permanent work environment
  • Use this same work space effectively and independently of their tutor


The goal is to enable children to work effectively

without the help of their tutors


A. Ongoing Academic Advising

Your child will benefit from their own personal academic advisor. Voilà Learning’s academic advisors are all qualified teachers who:

  • Communicate and work directly with your child’s school teacher to monitor the student’s progress
  • Administer mid and end of year evaluations
  • Create the Voilà Learning Tutoring Guide based on results of the evaluation, including resources in reading, writing, and math
  • Are a permanent part of the student’s ongoing education
  • Guide and advise parents as necessary through the educational system (eg. IPRC, IEP, ALF, transitions, school choices etc.)
You will also receive a Fun French Resources Toolkit: 
  • A comprehensive list of books, apps, films, online activities


B. Bilingual, Qualified Tutors

Tutors undergo a rigorous recruitment process and are matched with students according to their interests and qualifications. Tutors are native French speakers (from France or Canada), and levels of French and subject-specific proficiencies are tested for all. Each participates in training sessions that prepare them to deliver the French Curriculum according to our philosophy of education.


C. Individualized Programming and One-on-One Tutoring from Your Home

For each student, we establish an Individualized Tutoring Plan including:

  • Selection of a tutor that complements your child’s needs and personality.
  • Sessions are structured around your child’s academic needs as well as your personal schedule.
  • A balance between subject tutoring and the development of strong study skills
  • Tutoring from your home enabling students to create a positive work environment.


Structured Three-Part Sessions


Each tutoring session is 90 minutes long, beginning and ending with an emphasis on discussion and activity. Supplementary resources are provided, and the session is conducted exclusively in French. Academic advisors communicate with classroom teachers for feedback and tutors write notes for themselves and for parents at the end of every session.


1. Warm Up and Organization of the Work Space

Length: 10 minutes

  • Informal discussion of the past week in French
  • Study Skills checklist and dialogue: includes tidying the work space, assembling required materials, sorting/organizing class work and reviewing the student’s agenda
2. Academic Work

Length: 60 minutes

  • Priority is any assigned homework or class projects
  • Each student also has a Tutoring Guide binder which includes resources at their level in reading, writing and math
  • Continued development of study skills throughout
3. Fun Activity in French

Length: 20 minutes

Sessions end on a lighter note, with an emphasis on fun activity in French. The idea is to tap into each student’s interests and to connect these interests to the French language. This can include for example any of the following activities in French:

  • Finding and listening to French music
  • Games in French such as flash cards or board games
  • An activity at home such as baking a cake or playing a French video game, developing activity-specific vocabulary
  • Web browsing French art, cultural activities etc