Educational Games

Learning through play is one of the most effective ways of acquiring new skills and knowledge. Educational games are an excellent tool for consolidating basic math and language skills. Below is a list of online educational games and activities offered in French that your children might find interesting and useful. As a parent, consider visiting these sites to determine if they are age-appropriate for your children. Afterwards, both you and your children can explore the sites together. This experience will help them develop their confidence online, while also improving French skills in creative, fun ways.


Active-toi is an interactive game appropriate for the junior, intermediate, and senior divisions. Students are encouraged to become involved in important current day issues while exercising French language and science skills.



This dynamic and interactive game is intended for students with an advanced level in French. The objective of the game is to find the adjective in question by rotating the plates to choose the correct letter. The definition of each adjective is also provided, and ten modules are available to help your child expand their vocabulary while having fun.

This educational website is intended for children between the ages of two and six. With Caillou, a four-year-old boy, your child will discover the world through coloring, educational games, crafts, and other activities.

Centre Franco-ontarien de ressources pédagogiques

The Franco-Ontarian Pedagogic Resource Centre provides links to several resources and educational games for a variety of grade levels. From this site students can access Mon mag à moi, a web magazine for students in grades 3 to 6.


Children’s Game Zone- Télé Québec

The children’s game zone was created by Télé Quebec in order to provide your child with educational, interactive games to support their French learning. On this site you’ll find some nice graphics, interesting content, and varied activities suited to the age of your children. Bob the Builder, Dora the Explorer, Toupie and Binou and The Backyardigans are featured in this world that your child can explore with Zephyr, a cute little dragon.


Children’s Zone: Radio Canada

Radio Canada offers your child a range of stimulating games to play starring all the favorite characters of the Radio-Canada programs. Their website offers a large collection of adventure-based, educational games for all ages.


Le coin de Rafale

Rafale’s Corner is a website with a series of games that were produced by the Ministry of the Environment of Quebec in order to raise the environmental awareness of younger students. Your child can travel across Canada with Rafale, completing challenges and going on adventures in order to learn about how to protect the environment for current and future generations.


La conquête du temps

With Time Conquest, your child can experience historical events with the help of a time machine. Time Conquest is an engaging game that will allow your child to better appreciate historical events and their significance. Players build upon existing history skills as they battle to save the universe.



Contre-Attaque is a fun educational game that will put all of your child’s learning into practice. In order to win, your child will have to correctly respond to several questions in different subject areas like science, art, culture and sports.



The Creatic site offers your child a variety of activities for several different levels of learners. This educational website is a great way for your student to gain a deeper understanding in several different subjects, like English, history, biology, and math.


Croisades jeunesse

Croisades jeunesse is a creation of TFO that provides your child with a fun way to practice their French language skills and vocabulary. This educational site offers crosswords with many different themes for students from Grade 4 to 12.


Les Débrouillards

A creation of Bayard Jeunesse, the Débrouillards website will help your child learn some of the basic scientific concepts while having fun and keeping safe. This educational resource offers a wealth of experiments, educational articles, and fun activities to turn your children into scientists!


Dessins mystères de Méli-Fleur

Produced by TFO, the Méli-Fleur website provides pre-school children with a fun way to practice counting. On this site, your child will have to connect the dots in the correct order to see Méli-Fleur’s mystery image. With two different levels of play offered, your child will have hours of fun with Méli-Fleur.


Le détecteur de fautes

On this site, your child will be presented with a short written work containing a set number of errors to be identified. Once your child has identified the errors, the program provides a corrected version and explains the errors to help improve writing skills. This resource teaches your child to become aware of and identify common mistakes.


Le Détritusvore

Le Détritusvore is an educational site, available only in French, which aims to raise your child’s awareness of environmental concerns such as recycling. This game produced by TFO is a fun way for your child to learn about important ecological issues of today.


Dictionary Game

The Dictionary Game offers nine different modules, each containing twenty French words. For each word, your child must choose between three proposed definitions. This simple game is a good tool to enrich your child’s vocabulary, but it requires a fairly advanced level of French.



Designed by the CCDMD Learning Centre in Quebec, this game is an excellent exercise to help learners improve vocabulary and master the nuances of the French language.Players are presented with 18 words that they must separate into three different families, according to their meaning. While it does require an advanced level in French, this game is an excellent opportunity to learn new vocabulary. Nine different modules are available.



A creation of TFO, Gramme-O-L’eau is an innovative site that motivates your child to use basic French grammar rules while having fun. The games offered encourage children to review language concepts studied at school. This is a great resource for your child to work on French language skills.


Le grenier de Bisou

Le grenier de Bisou is a website intended for children under the age of 6. Produced by TFO, this website teaches students about shapes, the French alphabet, and many other educational topics through enjoyable games and activities.


Hugo l’escargot

The Hugo the snail website offers a selection of coloring worksheets, printable activities, and craft ideas, as well as songs and interactive games. All of the activities offered are organized by category and stimulate learning through simple yet fun exercises.


Interactive Letter Game: Grammar

The tv5 website offers learners five different educational games intended for students with an intermediate to advanced level of French. Your child will revise and improve their spelling and grammar through these challenging yet enjoyable games.



The INUK website offers several different educational games that will permit your child to explore and learn about the culture of northern Canada in the company of a polar bear and a husky. Your child will enjoy the adventure-based learning offered by this website.



With five different challenging levels of play, your child will have hours of fun searching for the way out of these labyrinths! In order to succeed, your child must accumulate as many crowns as possible by correctly answering French grammar questions. Watch out for hidden obstacles!


Lettris: the Tetris of letters

Based on the classic game of Tetris, the game where players must align the blocks that fall from the top of the screen, Lettris requires players to manipulate the letters that fall in order to make words. In Lettris, the goal is to form words with at least four letters. Just like in Tetris, you can move the falling letters to the keys “left arrow”, “right arrow” and “down arrow.” This entertaining game is meant for children with intermediate or advanced levels in French, and will keep your child playing for hours!


Mes coloriages

This site dedicated to children offers various colouring activity sheets with a variety of different themes. On Mes coloriages, you will find coloring pages to print for any occasion to entertain your child.


Mini TFO

Mini TFO is a site intended for preschool children where your child can have fun learning with all of the characters featured on TFO. This site also provides links to several different educational sites that your child can explore.


Mission possible

Nothing is impossible with Manchette, a young journalist! Your child can go on adventures with Manchette and face many exciting challenges in diverse settings such as the zoo, the market, the store, at a powwow, and even at a camping site.



On this site, children learn without even realizing it! In the world of Oui-Oui, the little wooden puppet, your child will wander through magical mazes, grow beautiful flowers, and blow up enormous balloons with Oui-Oui and his friends! This resource is perfect for children between the ages of two to five.


Playhouse Disney

Playhouse Disney offers interactive games and fun activities to do with all your favorite Disney characters! Goofym Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and all the others are present! The proposed activities will delight children and entertain them all day long!


Pouce-Vert’s Enchanted Garden

Intended for students in Kindergarten or in Grade one, Pouce-Vert’s Garden is a place where children can learn the French alphabet and vocabulary through interactive games. This educational site produced by TFO offers fun and simple online language arts games for students in the lower grades of elementary school.


Qui suis-je?

This educational game is aimed at learners with a very good level of French who want to master the French language. This exercise offers six modules containing twenty pairs of words that must be associated with the correct definition.



In order to access all of the educational activities offered by SimplyLand, parents must first register with the site for free. Designed for students between the ages of five an eleven, SimplyLand proposes a wide range of educational games, like Captain`s Letter Fishing, that will help your child improve his or her French language skills.



Technoscience is an online science and technology resource centre for elementary school francophone students that contains many interesting articles. The site also provides numerous links to scientific games, a fun way for your child to investigate scientific topics.


The Playground

The Playground is an interactive, educational website that offers children between 5 and 12 years of age a variety of fun games in French. This site has six workbooks for every level of elementary school. Among the activities offered are crossword puzzles, anagrams, riddles and puns, logic, association or categorization games.


Tête à modeler

Tête à modeler offers a variety of creative crafts, fun early learning activities, and colouring sheets. Intended for pre-school children, this site offers a large collection of printable activities, game ideas, and other resources with an educational focus.



Tibooparc is an animated and engaging site that was created in 1994 and is updated regularly. In Tibooparc, your child will have access to crafts, coloring, stories, games, and entertaining activities that aim to work on your child’s memory as well as observation skills.



Tifou offers families three different websites for children to explore! On the first website, intended for children between three to six years of age, children can play with Franklin, Dora, Olivia, the Passiflore Family, Chuggington, and Diego! The second site, offered to children over the age of seven, contains a variety of entertaining games starring your child’s favourite cartoon characters. The third site provides parents with a wide range of printable colouring pages that will keep your child entertained for hours. A free registration is required in order to access the full range of educational games and colouring pages offered on the sites.



The Tiji website offers fun games, activities, and coloring pages that feature all the characters of Tiji, a French television channel for kids. This site also offers an advice section for parents.


Toupie et Binou

In the world of Toupie, a mouse, and Binou, a little white cat, your child will have fun playing a variety of educational games. With this inseparable duo, your child will discover exciting stories and go on enchanting adventures. With its attractive graphics and fun educational approach to learning, this interactive site will be a favourite of your child.


Up to Ten

The Up to Ten website was created to provide children between the ages of six and ten with diverse, instructional games in French. Your child will be able to access a wide selection of educational games, stories, puzzles and coloring sheets.



Launched in April of this year, the Yoopa television channel offers a range of educational programs in French for preschoolers. This Canadian channel is also in the midst of launching an innovative website to support French language learning French for children between the ages of two and six. In Yoopas’s Children’s Universe, there will be a variety of interactive games, entertaining videos, and innovative activities for your child to enjoy.


Youth Zone: Radio-Canada

The Radio-Canada Youth Zone offers students a variety of educational games, videos, and links to support learning. The Youth Zone even offers an online newspaper that addresses a variety of interesting subjects.


Wumpa’s World

Wumpa’s World, a Canadian site available in both official languages, invites your child to discover the northern region of Canada through several different educational adventures with Wumpa and his friends.