Edu-Connect Parents’ Workshop – French

VOILÀ offers Edu-Connect workshops for parents at interested schools. The workshops aim to increase parents’ awareness and understanding of academic tools and programs available in French.  The development of the first eight video workshops was funded in part by the Ministry of Education. The views expressed in the publications are the views of Voilà Learning and do not necessarily reflect those of the Province.


Monthly, interactive parent workshop titles include:

  • Parental Involvement in School-Based Activities
  • Understanding the French Immersion Curriculum
  • Understanding Your Child’s Report Card
  • Managing Transition Points in French Immersion
  • Homework Help in French
  • Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles
  • Summer Fun in French
  • Homework Clubs at your schools.


If you are interested in having Voilà Learning hosting one of the above workshops at your school, please call: 1(866) 900 0658