Revising and Enriching Your Work

The editing process is crucial in the production of written work, as it polishes the final result and allows students to shine. Editing can prove to be especially challenging to students working in a second language. Below is a list of resources that will help your child perfect his or her written work in both French and English.


Antidote is a unique product designed to help students master the French language. This corrector has an attractive interface and is easy to use. Antidote offers users twelve dictionaries and eleven different linguistic guides to help correct work. The perfect tool to help students learn to correct themselves, Antidote is sold online or in stores that are Druide partners. For more information, please visit their website.

Bon patron

Bon patron is a free editing tool that aims to get students thinking about their spelling or grammatical errors in French. This tool invites learners to correct their own mistakes by drawing attention to errors and by providing both clarification and clues in order to facilitate the writing process and promote independent work habits.

The Canadian Encyclopedia

This bilingual site is a rich research tool for junior and intermediate students, as there are over 20,000 articles available in both French and English. The Canadian Encyclopedia offers students a simple, bilingual search engine to help facilitate research.



This conjugation site is much more than just a simple search engine. In addition to the 9, 000 verbs available, La conjugaison offers your child a summary of all the main rules of grammar as well as a definition for each query. This web site even provides a list of the most popular verbs in French and their conjugations. La conjugaison is a great site to help your child to properly conjugate French verbs.


Le Conjugueur

Le conjugueur is a helpful tool for students working on the conjugation of verbs or completing homework or projects. Students can use this website to verify their verb conjugations in French. This site also displays all of the different tenses possible for every verb, and it even provides certain rules that correspond to each verb and its usage.


Dictation Practice

This educational site offers dictation practice for students from first through eighth grade. This online learning tool is the perfect way to teach students to identify and correct errors in their written work and is a fun way to improve their written French.


The Larousse dictionary is now accessible online- for free! Following each query, the definitions are presented, as well as all the related expressions, compound words, synonyms, and homonyms. Larousse even offers students a section on quotes and a section on the difficulties associated with each word.



In addition to a French-English dictionary, Lexilogos includes a French dictionary and a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms. This useful site also provides access to several thematic dictionaries and encyclopaedias, which can facilitate research work and composition writing.



Internaute is an online French dictionary that provides definitions, synonyms, quotes, along with expressions for each word searched. The usage and level of language of each word is also outlined, permitting students to be aware of how to correctly use the word.



Orthonet is a useful French website that provides tools to help learners improve their French conjugations, spelling, and grammar. This website also contains several instructive games that focus on the application of  knowledge in order to help students improve and perfect their French language comprehension and skills.


The Visual Dictionary

This innovative dictionary provides illustrations and definitions in 17 different subject areas. With over 20,000 words and 6,000 illustrations, this comprehensive dictionary is easy to navigate, thanks to its powerful search engine that allows you to find definitions immediately.