Volunteering Application – University Students / Adults

Characteristics and experience we look for in tutor volunteers:

  • Ideally experience helping younger students in French or some help in other subjects
  • Competent in French
  • Comfortable helping with homework without preparation
  • Commitment to attend their online sessions, the first sessions will be in the office for training purposes, and can later be completed from home
  • Basic requirements: computer with internet and microphone access for a selected number of hours a week


Experience we look for in other volunteers:

  • Ideally experience in the field you are interested in volunteering with – e.g. education experience with technology for a position helping with design of the virtual campus
  • A passion for education
  • Preferably have competence in French and English, especially if volunteering with office administration and business operations


Other ways to volunteer:

  • Do you have computer or programming experience? Would like to help with the development of our virtual campus, or other tech aspects of the company, such as app development? Voilà Learning is always looking into expanding its technological presence, and any help is appreciated
  • Are you interested in assisting with office administration and business operations? Volunteer positions are open to work closely with our core team.


What you gain from volunteering:

Your commitment as a volunteer provides you with a great opportunity to use your skills in support of our mission: participating to improve education and the acquisition of the second official language in Canada: French.

The Benefits of Volunteering:

  • Gaining experience in the fields of technology, office administration, or online tutoring
  • Help you develop public speaking skills in both French and English
  • Provide you with the opportunity to develop your network across Canada and the international francophone community
  • Give you insight into the education system in Canada
  • Open up opportunities of working as a tutor
  • Develop skills on a virtual platform



  • You are required to attend every session of online tutoring that you have signed up for. Failure to attend will result in possible termination of the volunteer position, as well as leaving the campus understaffed if a replacement cannot be found quickly enough (if you are volunteering on the Virtual Immersion Campus)
  • You are required to volunteer for a minimum of 20 hours, either on the Virtual Immersion Campus, or hours will be decided on an individual basis for other positions
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Only selected applicants will be contacted for an interview.