About Us

Who are we?

Voilà Learning is a Ed-Tech organization mandated by multiple school boards to create designed solutions for students and school boards using Virtual Reality, apps, gamification and online homework help. Today, our organization is proud to use a human-centred design approach to answer the need of thousands of teachers, students and parents.

Our common goals:

  • to encourage students to do better,
  • to help parents meet the needs of their children,
  • and to help school boards offer after-school programs on site and online.


In today’s multilingual environment where the pressure to succeed can be overwhelming, our mission is to foster a love for learning. Students can benefit from additional academic support for a variety of reasons:

  • To improve their oral and/or written French and English
  • To fill in important subject-specific background knowledge (math, science, social studies…)
  • To develop a method of study that will serve them throughout their education
  • To improve marks in order to achieve post-secondary goals and scholarships

Our Guarantee.

Voilà Learning’s services range from personalized tutoring adapted to every child’s strengths and needs, to online solution for school boards designed to inspire and encourage. We help students:

  • Acquire efficient work habits in French, English, and Math
  • Gain confidence and believe in their own potential
  • Improve marks
  • Make appropriate choices towards a promising future