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Since French Immersion began in Canadian schools, parents have struggled with the same question: “How can I help my child with his French homework when the only French words I know are bonjour, Merci, and Oulala?”

A Free online education program welcomes avatar-based technology available to more that 150 000 students in Canada.


The first avatar based platform for French Immersion students

Financed by the Trillium Foundation and different ministries of education, Voilà Learning (an organization of teachers) has put in place an avatar based online system where students can receive homework help in French from live teachers. This new program represents the first Online Homework Help in French opened to French Immersion students in Canada.


Virtual reality

Such virtual reality solutions open the door to a new era in education. In a recent article from the The New York Times titled: If You Like Immersion, You’ll Love This Reality, Jeremy Bailenson of Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab says: “I don’t worry anymore about whether it will be accepted by the mainstream — that will happen.”


A virtual space resembling a typical French school

The online homework help features customizable avatars for students who attend classes in a virtual space resembling a typical French school.  Monday to Thursday, from 5pm to 8pm, students can ask questions to live teachers and receive the help they need for free. Today, more than 150 000 Canadian students have access to this program through their computer or mobile device.


“When it comes to homework help at home, parents with children learning French at school are often limited. This is a great solution for the majority of parents who cannot afford paid tutoring at $50 per hour’’ says Hosni Zaouali, director of communications. The virtual world isn’t a video game. It allows PowerPoint presentations, video, cameras and breakout discussion sessions.

This project led by Voilà Learning has helped many students in French, math and science from home. Voilà Learning hopes to extend this free Online French Homework Help to other school boards in other provinces by September 2015.


Online Homework Help: Activities