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45-65 Southport Street Toronto Ontario CA
Thank you
5.0[ Friendliness 5.00 | Experience 5.00 | Attendance 5.00 ]
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We are really in the position of thankful to your amazing effort and great help you offer to hundreds of people every day. So, keep up the good things and go forward, Raphaelle Houdot.


All the best


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Good tutors
4.7[ Friendliness 4.00 | Experience 5.00 | Attendance 5.00 ]

A lot of the tutors are really kind. If you are participating in this program you can have a great experience . Raphaelle is a great tutor example. To be true I love all the tutors. Thanks for helping me helping so much!  Special thanks to Raphaelle, Anna, Sophia, Isabelle, Eunice, Tiffany, Victoria, Sasha, and Lesile. I cannot think of other tutors! Good Luck!

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