Innovation and International Development


Using an online system similar to Skype, not for profit Voilà Learning is connecting teachers, parents, and high school students in Canada to kids in Africa and Haiti. Many felt that it wouldn’t be possible. But in April 2012, Hosni Zaouali, Director of Voilà Learning, traveled to Somalia and Haiti.  What seemed madness at first has turned into a strong movement gathering and uniting people across Canada, Somalia and Haiti through education.   This coming school year, Voilà Learning is launching a wide campaign in partnership with many school boards across Canada.  The aim is to raise awareness and promote this free online educational support between Canada and those 2 countries. High School students in Canada can now complete their community hours by helping a younger student in Africa and Haiti, or raise funds at their school for the cause. Teachers in Canada can also use their educational expertise to guide their high school students in this cultural exchange.  Hosni, with Voilà Learning, hopes to offer help by engaging people to give time: ‘’when it comes to kids in Africa, we believe that giving time, even through the internet, is exactly what is needed.’’